Dear Friends,

In 2002 the weather was so rainy and cold as it had not been for a long time, which reduced both the quantity and, to a certain extent, the quality of wine production. In 2003, on the other hand, sunny weather and an incredible draught greatly strained vineyards and workers.

Eventually, after some years of extreme weather conditions, 2004 can be defined as a perfect year from the meteorological and agronomic point of view. Winter rains and some snowfalls contributed to enriching water-bearing layers and the lack of spring frosts allowed grapevines to start and complete germination. Some rains in May and June contributed to the completion of germination, blossoming and later setting. July and August were very hot and sunny even though temperatures never exceeded 32-33°C, which is the ideal temperature for photosynthesis that is essential for the setting and ripening of grapes. In September and October, there were excellent ranges of temperature and no rains.

A wine grower could hardly ask for more.

Red wines – SANGIOVESE, CABERNET SAUVIGNON and CAGNINA – have a thick and lively colour, a full fruit flavour and an important structure. On the other hand, the white wines produced in 2004 – ALBANA, TREBBIANO, PAGADEBIT and CHARDONNAY – have good sugar content and an elegant structure and texture.

Their aromatic characteristics are intriguing, fresh and full fruit. After some years of great euphoria, an emotion that I have never felt, the world of wine has finally come down to earth. There is great concern about the complex economic situation due to the high costs following the adoption of the Euro etc, etc. In my opinion, those who are worried are the producers, wine merchants, distributors and unprepared wine bar managers that dreamt of finding a gold mine in the wine sector. But the wine sector is not a NEW ECONOMY, but a three-thousand-year OLD ECONOMY.

Wine production is not as easy as one may think and grapes are harvested only once a year. I am 43 years old; I have had 20 vintages and each time I realized that there was something new that I was not able to catch. I hope I will have other 30 vintages but I am aware that also during my last vintage I will not have the necessary experience to understand it completely. This is why I do not get thrilled at market fluctuations, but only at the renewal of nature’s rituals. Thank you very much for your support and collaboration. You will find here enclosed our current price-list 2005, should you need any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

Mauro Sirri