Dear Friends,

I never would have thought that harvest 2020 was not remembered for bizarre weather conditions, but for conditions that forced us in a Taoist world vision:

“Everyone is under the same sky”

From East to West, North to South, cities or countryside, we had to face an invisible enemy, able to hide also in our loved ones. Scars are going to stay for a few years, both in our bodies and in the world economy.

During lockdown, I realised I was lucky to have VINEYARDS where I could run while assessing grape-growing conditions:

MAESTRINA VINEYARD:  overlooking the sea, in the morning cold breezes blow from north-north east. In spring, it is covered by wonderful daisies and yellow wild flowers;
CELLAIMO VINEYARD: here the sunset paints red the “Spungone” limestone-rich soil and on the horizon you can see the Maestrina vineyard;
MASSA VINEYARD: overlooking the Savio River, in this place you are the first to spot the sunrise. In winter, you can enjoy a warmer climate that delights your soul;
FRATTA VINEYARD: the wildest, the most challenging, with 15-20% steep slopes, where at sunset you see the magnificent Castle of Bertinoro in front of you. Here you can meet tireless runners like roe deer, hedgehogs, and find traces of wild boars, living in the near Apennines.

Luckily enough, Nature follows its course and does not care about human vicissitudes; by contrast, it took advantage of new spaces left empty by humans. In fact, Nature, regardless of what was happening in the world, prepared also harvest 2020:

Mild spring, moderate rainfalls, bud burst the second week of April. Summer was warm during the day and temperate at night, with enough rain. These climate conditions allowed us to start harvesting Chardonnay the third week of August and, later, Albana, Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Pagadebit.

In 2020, we completed the organic conversion and now grapes and wines are certified organic!
To conclude, with this vintage we offer not only top-quality wines, but also organic wines and a new image that summarises our love for our land.


Mauro Sirri