Dear Friends,


The protracting of the winter replaced the beginning of the vegetative phase in the time between 20th and 25th of April. In 2007 the vineyards sprouted before we left for the Vinitaly show. The monthes May and June passed by without leaving particular emotions, we had enough rainfalls, they were rather generous (falling always on Saturdays and Sundays, so we couldn’t enjoy the seaside), alternating with periods of good weather.

These rainfalls permitted to collect enough water resources to pass the summer and reach the vintage time without water stress. The heat arrived as usual in July and the plants had a very important vegetative impulse, benefitting from the water reserves. We were quite busy with the works in the vinyards, pruning, assisting the greenery and different thinning operations. August, September and October were sunny and permitted us to harvest with tranquillity. We were interrupted just by some small rainfalls in the mid of Septmeber.

I think we can speak about a very “balanced” 2009 harvest, allthough we actually had quite high temperatures in August, anyway with a good temperature range (13-15°C). The wines are elegant and with a balanced structure, the concentrations do not exceed. Should I look for similar vintage years with similar results, I could mention years like 2006/1999/1996. So we can think about a certain cyclicyty returning in this decade.

TWOTHOUSANDNINE is my 26th vintage

Believe me, I have never seen one like another, each one is different, each one particular, peculiar in its way, and not forseeable. Dear Customers, I thank you really with all my heart for the preference you have been reserving us until now.

Kind regards

Mauro Sirri