Dear Friends,

If I should give an exact definition for the 2007 vintage year, I would use just one adjective:
”EXTREME” from all the points of view.


If we analyse the years from 1990 to 2000, we had more or less drought vintage years alternating with more or less rainy years, but all considered the range was acceptable from an agronomic point of view. If we analyse the years from 2000 to 2007, the tendency has resolutely mooved towards seasonal courses characterized by drought, becoming extreme in 2003, but especially in 2007. In 2007 we had a complete absence of rainfalls during the vegetative period and the annual precipitations were reduced to the sixth in comparison with the average of the last 10 years. Further, during the summer we had a insistent sirocco blowing, which tried vineyards sorely. Luckyly at the end of August some gentle rainfalls gave some oxygen to the vineyards, saving a harvest which otherwise would have had serious problems.


We were compelled to reduce drastically the production, assisting the greenery and through different thinning operations: this was the only solution to save fruits, vineyards and quality. These seasonal courses bring production to its knees, leading to decreases by 20%-30%, in fact the National Production realized the never before reached negative record of 40 millions of Hl.


For the very first time in my 24 Vintages, when I got back from the VINITALY show, I noticed the plants had started their sprouting, 1 month in advance in comparison to the usual average.


Never before we have been forced by the advanced awakening of the greenery to start harvesting the first week of August, with a consequent increasing of the energetic costs to bring the grapes to autumal temperatures.

However, it often happens that, during the most difficult years, wines that distinguish themselves for character, personality and grit are produced. The year 2007 gave us highly concentrated wines with structure and pulp. Red wines have particularly benefited from the seasonal course;
SANGIOVESE, CABERNET SAUVIGNON and CAGNINA are thickly coloured, dense, with well expressed body and tannins. White wines too reflect 2007 seasonal course: grapes sugar content was very high and the phenolic ripening was complete. ALBANA, PAGADEBIT and CHARDONNAY are wide, bulky and warm and have a great tasty impact. Their aromatic characteristics are completely expressed.

During these years the business economics are tried sorely. Besides the decreases by 20%-30% mentioned before, we are submitted to a “crossed gun fire” of increases: Energy (the costs have doubled in 2007), Transports, Bottles, Corks and so on cause strong lack of balance to us.

Nevertheless we are aware that it’s always more important to offer great quality wines to our customers with a excellent Price-Quality Range. On the other hand this has always featured our Company. Therefore and against our will, after 5 years of substantially unchanged prices, we are compelled to revise our price-list, in order to cover partially the costs we beared.

We enclose our new 2008 price list wich will come into force from 1st MARCH 2008.

I thank you very much for your constant and precious collaboration, and I stay at your complete disposal for any question you may have.

Kind regards

Mauro Sirri