Dear Friends,

Speaking of balance today is something quite unusual in a society where only excesses make news.

In agriculture instead, the balance is good news for everyone, producers, customers and the environment.

After the last two extraordinarily drought years, particularly 2012, 2013 appears with a delayed vegetative growth, relatively cool temperatures during the summer, a temperate harvest period, characterized by some rain and also some storms towards the first ten days of October.

Some more than necessary rain, in some cases, has triggered attacks of botrytis , we could however control this well by carefully selecting the grapes at harvest time.

The phenolic ripeness of the grapes came late, however, completing its cycle. The grapes arrived at the winery were beautiful and healthy, while maintaining a good level of acidity.

The white grapes had excellent features, they were fragrant and crispy with high acidity and good sugar content, however, that will keep the alcohol at not excessive levels.

The red grapes harvested before the end of September are very interesting, those harvested in October are likely to have suffered from the not particularly merciful seasonal course.

In these cases, the man’s hands, the careful selection of grapes and precise vinification methods were able to extrapolate the best from vineyards.

The wines are currently developing, but we can certainly express some judgments that are unlikely to be proven wrong.

Thanks to investments made in our company for the production of white wines, the 2013 are excellent quality wines, fresh, fruity yet very complex. The 2013 Reds have an average structure, are fragrant, fruity and persistent both olfactory and in palate.

Finally, after years of having meager harvests that really put a strain on the economies of our companies, the 2013 vintage gives us acceptable productions from the point of view of quantity, this balances our accounts.

A balanced Vintage is also beneficial for our customers: In fact, we decided to keep our price-lists unchanged.

My 30th Vintage leaves me calm and confident to offer our customers high quality wines at a good quality wine range, as Celli Winery traditionally guarantees.

Many greeting

Mauro Sirri